Morro Bay BBQ Chicken Pizza

When visiting Morro Bay, there are so many options for restaurants. Morro Bay restaurants run the gamut from quaint little coffee shops to high end upscale restaurants. There are Thai restaurants, BBQ places and everything in between, however pretty much all travelers can agree that pizza is one of the best comfort foods that you can seek out while on the go!

Pizza Port in Morro Bay is one of the best places for travelers who are looking for some good old fashioned American comfort food- Pizza! While there are many specialty pizzas offered at Pizza Port Morro Bay, The Morro Bay BBQ Chicken Pizza is one of the local favorites! Forget going to a Morro Bay BBQ place! All you need to do to get your BBQ fix is to come on into Pizza Port and have an amazing BBQ Chicken Pizza!

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Feeling adventurous? Make your own BBQ Chicken Pizza!

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